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Neil Kelly's composition work includes the production of printed scores, public performances, radio broadcasts, commissions, arrangements, soundtracks, operas, publications and recordings. His output concentrates on both multi-spatial acoustic music and multi-artform activities and includes works for string quartet, piano trio, theatre, choir, folk ensembles, as well as electro-acoustic and multimedia performances. He also has wide experience as a conductor, bass player, record producer and musical director. His music has been performed by artists including Jane Manning, Keith Humble, Michael Kieran Harvey, Freshwater Trio, Peter Clinch Quartet, Speak Percussion, Graeme Leak, Arditti Quartet, Astra, Jauna Musika, Flux String Quartet, Blezdinga and Barney McAll. His The breath of empty space for choir, 3 solo sopranos, keyboards and instrumental ensemble was premiered by Astra Chamber Music in Melbourne in 2011. He was lecturer in composition and contemporary music theory at Latrobe University from 1990-2000. His research included a cross-disciplinary study of the music of Alban Berg and fin-de-siécle Vienna. In 1999 he cofounded the art music group Slave Pianos. (www.slavepianos.org). They have presented works across Europe, North America and Australasia. Their multi-artform trilogy, on the life and work of George Maçiunas et al, was presented in Vilnius, Melbourne and Berlin (2004-2007). He is currently co-operator of Run Stop Sound (www.runstopsound.com), a professional recording studio. He runs Neil Kelly Music from his home studio where he supervises and mentors composer/performers. His current composition interests and projects centre around: The superimposition of disparate source materials over Baroque dance forms. The folk music of Eastern Europe. Automated musical instruments including Gamelan and piano. The intersections between visual art practice and musical composition.

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